Photo of the Month "Your Best Shot"

Hey! George here!

   So I haven't been able to get the post about the 135mm w/ the adapter up. But to make up for it, I have something to show you:

   I entered into the FroPhotoContest. This months theme is, "Your Best Photo." After looking through my images, I was tempted to use this one:

Anything But a Person 2

   But I printed some 4"x 6" images to show around to people, and this was their favorite:

T1i Sample Shot 7

   You can check out the forum with the link below:

   Art is very subjective, so I guess that is why they liked this one. Anyways... once the results are in, and I (hopefully) get into the finals, please take a minute to vote for my image. I'll post whether I did/didn't get up onto the finals.

   That is all for now, George out!