Cassie & Miley Time-Lapse

Hey, George here!

   Unfortunately I didn't get the adapters in time so here is my backup plan. I haven't put up a video on Tem.Teen Productions in a while, so here's the second Time-Lapse:

   Actually, the other day, someone asked me how I did it. Well I can tell you... it wasn't exactly easy. On every mac comes software called Quicktime Player X, what you do is go into file, click new screen recording and it will pop up with a box that looks like this:

   You select the little white triangle pointing down to give you the settings you desire. In my case they were: no microphone, medium, show clicks. Then clicked the screen to start recording. But doing this causes some problems. The first, is that you can't specify the drive you record to. It always records to your internal drive. Which means your whole system suffers in performance. And last, it eats about a quarter of the processor power. If you have a desktop, that might not be a big deal to you. But if you're like me and have a laptop, every clock-cycle counts.

   But it works, and I was able to show this to you guys. :-)

That's all for now, George out!