The Soundmaker Harley J Update.

So Rene and I met up with George in Murrieta on April 3. We met him at the library and recorded the song. It was so much fun!! We played guitar, got to learn about George and the Murrieta students. He took us to Bully Burgerz(which was really good). We talked, bonded, played music, and poked jokes! Good times, good times. Let em roll.

Tune in next week when George tells you about how we saved  damsel in distress and won an award. 

Same Spanish time, Same Spanish channel

The Soundmaker - Personalized Project #2 - Harley, Rene, George

Friday, March 20 - Organizing Notes (George)

     For Personalized Project #2, we decided to make it a group effort. Harley, Rene & myself are going to be practicing Rodrigo y Gabriella's song, The Soundmaker:

     As you can hear, this isn't going to be a "walk-in-the-park" type of song. It's very dependent on the background guitar, and the lead guitar has incredibly fast transitions. Fortunately, all three of us play guitar/bass. What we plan on doing is this:

  • I will be recording/mixing the Guitar tracks while playing the Background guitar.
  • Rene & Harley will be learning the rest of the song. As of yet, I don't know what part they'll be playing, but I know one has to play the lead Guitar and one has to help me with the background.

After doing some searching on Google, we found the Tabs for this song:

We plan on meeting March 28th at the Murrieta Library to practice/record the first version of the song. That's enough from me. I'll let Harley update next week's revision. Take it away bud!

George's Spanish Project #1 - My Spanish Handbook

     For the longest time, I've been meaning to create a book to help me with my Spanish. Now that we have Personalized Projects back, I figured what better time than now to do it?

     My Spanish notebook is just that, a notebook about the Spanish Language & Culture. In it, I have phrases, maps, photographs of historical figures, and anything else I find interesting about said culture. Check it out:

Welcome to Spanish Section

I've dedicated this section of my website to the people who need a place to upload their stuff.

I'm giving you guys permission to see my website (since I can't just make a blogger permission only setting).

I'm going on the honor system. If you change anything on my site (other than accidental), there will be consequences (that may or may not involve trained trapeze monkeys that can swallow swords and fart fire).

Let me know if it works for you guys.