Results of Blood Moon 10.7-8.2014

Welcome back!

     Did you all catch up on your sleep? Even with it being almost two weeks since it's happening, I still haven't caught up. What I'm referring to is the Blood Moon that happened Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning (October 7-8). I stayed up from 2-4:30 watching the moon. With these results:

     I think these shots were worth staying up for. But I know what most of you are thinking, "How did you get those shots?" Well calm down and I'll tell you.

     The DSLR I used was my trusty T1i. Yes, the T1i. Goes to show that the less expensive DSLR's (from almost 6 years ago) can still produce amazing images. Shutter Speed for the one up top was 1 / 30 at ISO 100 and f/6.3 with the Canon FD 300mm f/4. The bottom one was at 1", ISO 400, at f/5.6 also with the Canon FD 300mm f/4. The adapter I used to link the FD lens to the EF mount was my Fotodiox Canon FD-EF Adapter (Link to my review here), and it's amazingly sharp. Just goes to show that you don't need the best gear to take an amazing shot.

     That's it for now! Hoped you guys (and girls) liked the photos, and I plan on seeing you next week. ¡Adios!

Bloody Brilliant Moon (2 of 4)

George back once again!

     As most of you remember, earlier this year a rare form of a Lunar Eclipse happened. Called "Blood Moons," they turn red for a good hour out of the night as they pass through earth's shadow. And if you're lucky (like I was earlier this year), you could end up with one of these photos.

This photo was taken between April 14-15 of this year, 2014

This photo was taken between April 14-15 of this year, 2014

     But if you weren't so fortunate to get this photo during the blood moon this last April, fret not! There will be three more Blood Moons happening. The next one is in the night of October Seventh and the morning of the Eighth. So point your cameras to the sky and hope for the best!

     Just wanted to give a quick update as to what's happening tonight. If you would like to follow what's going on, I will be live tweeting (@TemTeenStudios) tonight during the event of the Blood Moon. I'll be posting photos, camera settings, and answering any questions you guys might have.

   That's all for now! ¡Adios!

Unfortunate News

**This is an update to the previous post, read it by Clicking Here**

   As murphy's law says, "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." This morning I saw clouds just over the horizon. Normally they just stay where they originate from. But, with the winds picking up lately, they started moving. Fast forward 14 hours to now... We have overcast thicker than pea soup.

   But that's how the ball bounces. The meteor shower will be going on for another week, so I'll try again.

In the immortal words of Ryan Connolly,
   Write, shoot, edit, repeat... and I'll see you next week.

A Bloody Brilliant Moon and the Aquarid Meteor Shower

Good morning everyone!

   Our cameras are amazing. They help us record rare and beautiful objects. And that is why the night sky is an amazing thing to photograph. If you leave the camera on a long enough exposure, you see the stars trailing. If you wake up early enough, you hit the early morning Golden Hour. And if you're fortunate, you could be photographing a rare celestial event.

   Take for example the Blood Moon that happened a few weeks ago. This type of Lunar Eclipse hasn't happened for over 300 years. So you know people everywhere are going to shoot it. For me, I pulled out my old Canon FD 300mm f/4 and put it on my Crop-Sensored T1i. Giving me the equivalent of a 480mm lens on a Full-Frame. I set the Aperture to f/8, ISO 400, and the Shutter Speed to 1 second. And I got this:


This is my favorite shot I took. Quoting one of my favorite films, b-e-a-utiful.

   Now, on to more current news. This Monday night/Tuesday (night of May 5-6) morning there will be a meteor shower in the general area of the constellation Aquarius. The meteor shower will last from roughly Moonset up until Sunrise for all those living in the continental USA. You can check out the links below for more information. I will be posting on Instagram @gwphotographe that night. So I hope to see you then!

Links for information about the Meteor Shower: