Creative Challenge

Before I start this post I have to say that the colored mountain and the black & white for Cassie won.

(Click here to see what I'm talking about)

George back once again!

   Every now and then when I want to clear my head I take the camera and go for a walk. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. And usually I just take two of my primes, if not then just a zoom. But this time it was different, I wanted to challenge myself to produce images with limited gear (besides the challenge, I got tired of lugging around a lot of gear). I thought about it, and I decided to pull out my 24mm and head out. Take a look at the results:


   I have to admit this was an interesting challenge. I had to keep in mind what I had & what I could do. I didn't have a long lens, so I wasn't shooting birds. I didn't have a very fast lens, so I didn't shoot in the deep shadows. I didn't have a very wide lens, so I wasn't shooting landscapes. I knew what I was going to shoot and brought only what I needed.

   My question for you is this. Do any of you do anything to spring your creative juices back into gear every once in a while? What is it? Leave your comments below.

   Until next time, this is George saying... Adios.