How to Choose Your Best Shot & Competition Update

I'm here again!

   The reason I posted this today rather than next monday is because I wanted to go over my process of picking my best photo.

   First thing I did was look through my portfolio. Your portfolio should be made of your best images, nothing else. I have had people ask me how many images are in a portfolio. I tell them, "If you only have one good image, then your portfolio is one image. If you have two solid images, you have a slightly larger portfolio." So it just depends, you can click on my portfolio up in one of the tabs to see how many I have.

   After I looked at my portfolio, I narrowed it down to two pictures (Click here to see them). Then what I did was I printed out some 4"x 6" pictures at home and showed them to some people. Some strangers, some friends, and some family. I took a tally of what they all liked and then chose the best one. Now remember, your choosing your best image. They're not choosing it for you, they're just giving you something to think about. Keep that in mind, you make the final decision.

Update on the Competition:

   Unfortunately I didn't make it into the contest. Better try again next time! Take a look at the video below:

   That's all for now. Until next time, George out!