New Lenses! Part Two

Hey George here!

   There are a lot of things happening over at Tem.Teen Studios right now, and I wasn't able to put up a post earlier in the day. But I'm here now for part two of my new lenses series. If you haven't read part one, you can do that by clicking this sentence. So here is the rest of the review.

   Canon FD 50mm f/1.4

   For starters, 50mm is THE standard lens focal length. I honestly love that I now have a lens that is of a large aperture & a standard focal length. Now since I'm shooting on a crop-sensored camera, it's really about an 80mm. But I'm hoping within the next year or two I'll be shooting Full-Frame or Super 35 (which is only slightly larger than APS-C, but you get what I'm saying):
50mm Sample Shots 1

50mm Sample Shots 2
I LOVE this lens. Super sharp, super crisp, super awesome!

   Canon FD 300mm f/4

   My favorite telephoto lens... HANDS DOWN! Take a look and you'll see why I love it:

   These are amazingly sharp, considering how easy it is to miss manual focus with this lens.

   So looking at these lenses, I have filled out two of the three requirements I wanted from the new glass. Sharpness, and being brighter. The third being autofocus, isn't possible because these are all manual lenses. So I have to control the focus, and aperture on the lens itself like a cine lens before I take a picture or shoot a video. But for free, what can you expect? :-) Now in the future, I hope to get some Rokinon/Sigma or Canon EF lenses to shoot with. But for now, this is what I shoot with. Maybe I'll add some more old lenses to the collection. Who knows...

   When I get the final adapter, I will review it alongside the M42 adapter. But until then, this is George saying, adios.