Editing in Different Software

Disclaimer: Adobe didn't sponsor me to do this, these are just my honest opinions about their software. May involve terms not commonly know by the masses. So if there is any terms you don't know, don't hesitate to ask.

George Here!

   So as you guys know, I'm a Final Cut Pro X editor. I've used it since September of 2012, and I fell in love ever since. It's fast, easy to use, and it's relatively snappy with lots of video formats. But I've kinda been mad at FCPX for a while for a couple reasons:

  1. Slow Exporting: When I have finished my movie in Final Cut Pro X and go to export it, I will normally be looking at a 6 hour export for a 10 minute movie.
  2. Color Correction: I honestly don't like the color correction in the program. It isn't powerful enough for what I do. And it's not the best laid out way for me to edit colors.
  3. Poor RAM Managing: On my machine with 8GB of ram, my machine can't handle more than basic cuts without needing to render. Normally it's fine, I would just render what I need then play the rest. But still, I don't want to have to do that every time I make a change.*

   I know I'm editing on a 13" MacBook Pro, which lacks a Graphics Card & a Quad-Core Processor. But the beauty of Final Cut is to have not just the people with the $10,000 computers running it. It's meant for everyone as well as the Pro's (UPDATE: The new update for Final Cut Pro X 10.1 solves problem 1 and 3). So for the next episode of Cassie & Miley, I decided to change things up a little. I decided to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

   My first impression was that the layout is very similar to Final Cut 7, which is what I was used to before X. I imported the footage from Google Drive, and created a new sequence. But every time I hit a key command, it would go to a different thing all together. I realized  that the key commands were different, so I changed them to the ones in Final Cut. Now things were getting interesting.

   After editing the show in it, I can honestly say that I fell in love with it. The speed is amazing, the color correction is fast, and it doesn't eat up all the ram I have. Here's the list of my favorite things about it:

  1. Dynamic Link: This is my top favorite thing that I miss from FCP7. In Premiere, I just have to right-click a video or audio file. Then click Dynamic Link, it then loads the video file into after effects, or the audio file into Audition. This is huge for me. I don't have to export, edit, reimport, then re-export if I want to make changes outside of Premiere.
  2. Fast Rendering: The rendering in Premiere is amazing. I don't know what it does to make it so fast. But it does it great
  3. Color Correction: The color correction is just amazing. Very easy for me, as well as powerful.
  4. Amazing RAM Managing: I don't need to render every little change I do.
  5. Exporting: Exporting is pretty darn fast.

   Take a look at some screen shots of my editing:

   So overall impressions are great about it. Now the big question, will I replace FCPX with Premiere CC? The answer is... No. I love Final Cut because of what it is. I can create templates much easier in it. Multi-cam is way faster. And the file organization is far better than in Premiere. But I now have another piece of software to add to my arsenal.

   That's about it, talk to you later guys! George out!

*The one thing that I think is faster in FCPX is the Render. I think the reason it is faster is because it takes more advantage of the Mac platform.