Collaboration is an amazing thing. You work on something for others... they work on something for you. You teach others what you know, & they teach you what they know. And in the end, everyone learns something new. That is certainly the case with this new series, CassiexMiley. Now for the previous series AutumnHasWifi, I just did the intro/outro. For this, I did all the editing. It's a challenge to make videos this fast and on this tight of a deadline. But miracles happen and this was the result:

   This is their first video in the series, and I have to say they did a really good job at this. Seriously... it isn't easy sitting in front of a camera and doing this. But they pulled through. Now there is also something I want to show you guys:

   This was even harder to make than the video up top. The reason is that my computer was running QuickTime to record a screen capture while I was editing the video, so it took a lot longer to edit, render, export the video. We actually had a conversation going back and forth ending up as long as a short Russian novel*. But patience pays off and the video was uploaded.


*If you know that reference, post it in the comments.